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Tube Wells Wellawatta

We provide all the required services for your tube wells in Wellawatta. We drill and construct domestic and drinking water tube wells, agriculture and irrigation tube wells, industrial tube wells for mas water supply, factory and any other custom tube well drilling and construction requirements. Tube Wells Wellawatta

Services we provide.

  • Initial site inspection
  • Drilling the tube well around Wellawatta
  • Constructing the tube well
  • Repair and maintenance

Locating the best location for drilling the future tube well is crucial since not every place is suitable for a tube well in Wellawatta. once the location is identified, we drill the well using power rigs or hand operated drilling machines as per the requirement. Once we locate the water level, the well is constructed and all the required pumps and equipment are assembled.

Contact Us

076 128 8973 | 077 915 8973

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